Systemic Barriers

“…equality when it comes to: education, social work, and healthcare”


What are “Systemic Barriers”?

“4 General Types of Barriers ~ CHANGING PACES › UPDATES Systemic Barriers. Occur when practices or policies are put in place that discriminate against individuals by screening them out from participation.”

An example of screening out of participation is when a job application request your detailed address prior to inviting a candidate for employment and that address does not reflect an affluent area.  More specifically, an application software rejects a more than qualified candidate due to its preset standards of what is acceptable; if the application or resume does not reflect data.

What are some most notable examples of “Systemic Barriers”?

1. Education
*When the urban schools hire non-qualified teachers to teach urban students.
*When urban students are not taught things that can help propel them into a successful future beyond drugs, gangs, jail, and or prison.
*When urban educational funds are mishandled the students suffer.  Most of these students do not have access to e-learning tools that will be helpful during times of inclement weather.  The students share computer labs that possess outdated computers within the school building and some students don’t have a single computer inside their homes.  Most urban classrooms do not teach computer literacy on a daily basis.

2. Social Work
Most times when a social worker comes into an urban area it is to take a child or some children from a neglected situation.
*It seems that social workers visiting an urban area is to reduce the family structure
*What is the actual role of a social worker? Are social workers ever trained to build, strengthen, offer positive family counseling?

3. Healthcare
*It is widely known that if your medical insurance card is presented at the time of an emergency visit and it doesn’t classify you to receive unlimited services hospital staff will move you to the side.
*It is also widely know that if you do not have a medical insurance card at all, the hospital staff will offer a reason why they will not review your situation.
*It is also known that some people of color are fearful of the healthcare industry practicing medicine on them or their family members.
*It is very rare that a doctor, nurse, or medical assistant will visit the home of an urban person of color that has some illness.
*How many people actually have access to teleconsultation via medical field professionals?

How will these and other systemic barriers ever be eliminated? How will people ever receive equality when it comes to: education, social work, and healthcare?

Good news is, people of color will need to visit beyond their current locality to see that others live their best life.  People of color and others that suffer injustice caused by systemic barriers are able to learn beyond set guidelines.

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Be encouraged, be inspired, be mentored

Mom’s Lessons

I am sharing this blog because I appreciate these written words. This blog may help others that may currently or in the future experience challenges in life. Be strong and remember faith, family, and friends.

Mind Heart Matters


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How do I know this? Our family was recently blind-sided by a diagnosis that will take our mother from us far too soon. A woman who bowled weekly, golfed often, volunteered regularly, met with her friends, completed crossword puzzles and Sudoku challenges daily, walked outside or on her treadmill and never failed to cheer on her Jets, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 glioblastoma (GBM), a very aggressive form of brain cancer.

How blindsided were we? On December 25th, she was up giggling and partying with her grandchildren, sipping on a beer while they threw jokes back and forth and kept the rest of us up until the wee hours of the morning. Their laughter was…

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Be Encouraged

Whatever you do, live to encourage, live to inspire, and live to mentor someone.

There are times that you may feel life seems to be swallowing you alive but fight beyond the sadness and the pain.  Live to fight another day for your goals, visions, and dreams.

People become successful by maintaining their visions, goals, and dreams.  Always continue to hear that small voice whispering encouraging words.  Life is what you make it today and tomorrow. Always remember to help others along the way, there will be others that may not be able to tell you they need help, but seek the less fortunate.  Those less fortunate than yourself will be grateful that you considered to help them.

You can encourage through words, spending time, singing a song, playing soft music, and visiting with a smile. Be encouraged by helping others obtain their next steps.

Whatever you do, live to encourage, live to inspire, and live to mentor someone.

Fight off the negativity! Speak out loud words of love! Speak out loud words of peace! Allow LOVE to flow freely through your innermost being. Allow yourself to LOVE.  Love overcomes evil at all times and turns in life.  Love conquers all.  Love supports the encouragement.  Love is…       Love is you helping society and your environment.

Thanks for reading,

Be encouraged, be inspired, be mentored

Embrace Our Roles

“…most people could see themselves dreaming…”

How many roles do you have in life?  How many roles do you handle 100% successfully?  Live your best life and remember FAMILY is most important!

I am so thankful and grateful that we made it through a vortex, snow storm, and dangerously high negative temperatures last week.  The first day, I was stuck shoveling snow in the worst conditions, taking my hood off periodically to be sure to watch my surroundings. The next day, I was not feeling my best and I remembered prepare home remedies from being raised by grandparents (although parents were near by).  I prepared plain chicken broth, placed Vicks Vapor Rub on the back of both my ears, throat, chest, and wrapped a large bath towel around my neck for two days.  I am so thankful that the heat was working properly during the coldest days of this new year.

Sometimes I simply want to stay inside during the winter months but because of my roles I have been granted in life, I have learned how to venture out among society.  Whatever roles you have in life simply do your best at showing family and close friends how much you care.  Spend as much time as possible with family, friends, people you trust, and listen to their advice.

Roles in life helps us experience different variations of living on the earth. Sometimes we are excited about accomplishments, other times we working our way to better times ahead.  Always continue to live our best life moving forward in the roles we have been given to help someone else along the way.  We learn to live and work together as siblings, parents, co-workers, colleagues, aunts, uncles, clergy, and friends.  The more we experience the best in life, the more we can help someone else to see better things in life.

We learn to share our experiences with others that we feel we can trust. Some people place their experiences within a novel, fictional, or non-fictional documentary or movie.  Remember (Black Panther; the movie) it allowed people of color to see beyond their neighborhoods, into the life of what could be if or when you dare to dream.  The various roles within this movie allowed everyone to play a role from young children to elders; most people could see themselves dreaming beyond their present conditions.  Children were allowed to be children while honoring their family traditions and their elders.  Elders were honored. Tribes came together during difficult times, even when outsiders came against the various tribes.  Tribes coming together in time of war which allows strength to shine through during adversity.

Early on we all learn to be respectful of each other’s belief and to share various remedies on how to live and work together despite differences.

Make history in every role you play in life.  Do your best. Be your best.  Help others along the way.

Thanks for reading,

Be encouraged, be inspired, and be mentored.

Playoff Football is Intense

“Challenges with such great intensity…”

Playoff football is very intense.  Patriots and Rams Super Bowl LIII the year 2019.  The games showed who the better teams have been during the football season.  Do people see the game as intense? How do you de-stress from the challenges of the game and you were not playing; you were only hoping and wishing that your favorite team would win the game.  What do you now do with that stress?  How do you deal with the let down? How do you pick yourself back up again and again, failure after failure.

I would not consider the lost a failure because the best teams made it to the playoffs and that is an earned accomplishment!  Today, Sunday, January 20, 2019, shows the two best teams of the AFC and the NFC.  Pick yourself up. Review the plays from the best games.  Review what worked, review what did not work, and adapt the best plays going forward.  Know within yourself that you did the best that you could do.

Acknowledge the loss and move forward, go on a brief getaway; vacation or staycation.

DO NOT live in DEFEAT mode, it is unhealthy for you, your family, and your team that depends on you to bring your best skill set to the table. You still have a live to live, make the best of it!!!

Challenges with such great intensity allows us to see what we are truly made of and openly displays our strengths and weaknesses on a public scale.  Some people have failures on a smaller scale and may never experience the higher level of stress such as these players.  Going forward we now know how to obtain the vision, goals, and dreams. When we play with our whole heart and soul, when we want “IT” more than anything else, we will truly do everything that is in our skill set to achieve the mission and “WIN”.

Learn from the game of life and do the best you can to win each time!

Thanks for reading,

Be encouraged, be inspired, and be mentored

Work through the taunting!!!

“We all need divine assistance”

Work through the taunting of others. Work through the taunting of your enemies on all levels.  Believe you can do anything because God is with you, to uphold you with the right hand of His righteousness.  Hold on to the promises of God, speak out loud the promises that you do know.  You are almost at the finish line, just think of your  victory dance and reward at the end of these character building exercises.  Life is a journey and how we live through the rough times will display our strength out loud.

Today was a good day.  I got some work accomplished and other items I responded to from my heart.  When I write something out, I do not apologize for what I write because it is what I want to say out loud.  We all need divine assistance when we are being taunted to the point that we may feel weary, almost like we want to give up and quit.  God will defend us and show us favor everywhere we go.  God grants us favor to do His will for His divine purpose in our life.

Walk through the open doors and don’t look back to the closed doors.  When its time to walk away, simply know that open doors are full of your purpose in life.  Closed doors are deliberately pushing you to open doors, don’t fear because the favor builds confidence.  I am endorsed by a Higher Power and so are you if you believe in God!!!

Continue to encourage others as you walk through the valley of the shadow of death.  Fear no evil because God is with us and His angles encamp around about us.  Maintain your integrity during your travel in the earth.

Thanks for reading,

Be encourage, be inspired, and be mentored

Foot Prints

“We may not have been rich or famous…”

What type of foot prints will you leave as you journey this earth?

The time that we spend in the earth is worthy of our presence since we are here to made a difference.  We are here to help ourselves and others to become the best that we can be.  We are here to shine and share a bright light into the darkness.  We are here to help others find their way to a better life.  We are here to help those that want help. We are here to help each other to get through some tough times. We are here to encourage those that desire encouragement. We are humble enough to share testimonies of our life.  Mentor those that are striving to follow in your footsteps.  Inspire those that may need a boost from time to time.  Encourage those that may seem to have strayed a bit.

Our life may not have been the best but we can help inspire others along the way.  We may not have been rich or famous but we can help as we travel this road we call “the journey of a lifetime”.

How are you able to help others? Simply believe, big or small, you have some type of gift to share with humanity.  If you can sing, share singing lessons or cheer someone in a hospital bed with a soft tune.  If you can cook, offer cooking lessons to others.  If you can speak, teach others how to be a positive speaker.  If you can ride a bike, teach others how to ride and they may become champion riders.  If you can drive, give someone a ride to the grocery store, church, or the shopping mall; or maybe you can go for them from time to time.  If you can dance, teach others how to dance.  If you can teach a specific topic, teach it to the best of your ability to others and they will someday become spokespersons shining passionate light on various topics that are near and dear to their hear.  Whatever you do, do not allow someone to snuff your dreams of leaving foot prints in the sand nearest and dearest to your heart.

Make this year beneficial for yourself and others  Help the old, the young, the poor, and the needy.  Lending a helping hand will always keep the world producing genuine service of love.  Help others along the way as much as be possible thereby leaving your foot prints in the sand.

Thanks for reading,

Be encourage, be inspired, be mentored.